Saturday, February 7, 2009

this my shoe..

hello again followers.. so school just keeps getting busy, busy, busy!!! we're getting to that point in the quorter(sp??) where it's one test after another.. bhla.. but i'm finding that i'm not strugling with as much test anxoity as i have in the past infact i'm finding them kinda fun.. okay that don't sound like bernadette talking.. but anywho enough about school.. so i'm really excited for my birthday..what i actolly feel weird with this one.. 23. ya thats young but i'm not 21 anymore and 22 people out still ya your such a youngn' now i'm just 23.. plus i have this weird hatred towards odd numbers.. i just don't like them. oh well. i'm going to a karokie bar(sing sing) with my buddys. i have no clue how that will go i'm not the best singer but it will be tons of fun.. them hopefuly going to dinner with the family.. well other that school consuming my life i'm just hanging with friends-we're going dancing tonight. well don't have much more to type about so untill next time.. have a wonderful week... love

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