Monday, February 9, 2009

hungry for flowers???

well i'm at this point in my life when most of my buddys are getting married.. one just married in jan another will be may of 2010 and the list could keep going.. so far i been in 3 weddings, as a bridesmaid, every 6 mouths since aug 2007 (not complaing i love it) and for some resion theres aways one bridesmaid preg-ors.. wearid.. lucky my monkey doc friend is brecking this every 6th months strick..( and hopefully there will not be a preg-ors bridesmaid at her wedding because all the bridesmaids for hers are single and the one marrie(monkey q. in pic) dosn't want kids for a while).. but i'm think from being in these wedding and haveing so much fun i should be a professional bridesmaide.. the one who people can hire if there sides are uneven or friend fight before(like in brides war the movie) okay not really. i wish i could be a wedding planner but i don't know how to even start that kind or carreer and i love the vet tech world.. its fun making the invites, color scemes, flowers, dres shoping ect.. i feel sorry for who ever i marry b/c our wedding will be planned out before he pops the just kidding again. no marrie life for me yet.. i'm loving the being single and fending for myself.. plus i'm learning so much about myself that i couldn't being in a relationship if that makes sinse.. well with v-day around the coner i thought i would write about love.. 1st you think about weddings and more sappy s@*t ( ma would say) but its also about your friend and family.. they mean tons to me.. i'm gratefuly i have such great one as well.. even my monster cat from hell.. so to them love you guys tons.. well i should stop advoiding studying for midtrems and i leave you with fun pics(another thing i love)... wish me luck and untill next time toodles....
monkey doc and i in
pies jacket..pie is really tall
oh also love to make funny faces and friend
love grandparents and fam


  1. Bernie, my dear! I'm so glad you have a blog. This way I get to keep track of my baby cuz who isn't quite a baby anymore =). Have fun with your birthday; I wish I could be there!. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

    Love you!

    BTW - I have a blog too

  2. Hey, I tagged you on my blog. Go read it and then take action.

  3. I just tagged you on my blog. Go read it! Love you!