Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WOW its been way to long

hello there,
man it took me a awhile to post.. life was keeping me busy i guess. so to sum it all up school i was taking parasitology, vet sci 2, and Anatomy and physiology(Sp) 2. those set of class keep me really busy this quoter. but I'm in my finals week and so far doing well okay.. i originally when in to the finals with all 89%.. so close to an A. but i had my two hardest test yesterday. Vet sci 2 and Parasit. my vet sci finals was a disaster. i had an test anxiety episode. the annoying clock in the room didn't help one bit.. i was about to get up and throw it across the little testing room. ahhh so i ended up with a D on that test but it only dropped my grate to an 83% so i passes that class. and the parasit(witch was gross/factfill/interesting class i think its my new favorite class oddly enough) that one i'm still waiting for the grade. tomorrow i take my easiest final at 7:30 am.. bhla. but its question from my old test.. yea. then i'm free for two 1/2 weeks. yea summer.
well during school i missed a few days and went on a trip to New york. one of my close friend pie graduated from collages so we took a monkey tribe trip out to see him.. it was fun and an experience.. the only thing is the people there are very pushy and rude. and we had a silly thing happen to us.. well to sum it up because its a long story we rented 2 cars(took us all day for silly resins) to drive to abney by pie school- we end up getting there at 10:30 pm and heading strait his friends house for a partie. very fun nice friends. then went to our new york friend we met a long time ago's house to crash. well our friend Marys flight was at 7 am so pie took her to the air port can back to the house and went back to his dorms to showers and such. then when he came back to wake us up he say plez say you move the car.. nope we go towed for street sweeping.. grr there was no sign when we came by at 3 am and when pie leaft at 7 am and came back.. no warning. so we had to get the rental car back and on the way pie who has never drove in NY got a ticket for taking on his phone.. all this is very frustrating but extremely funny. but overall we had fun in NY.

well i better go study for my last final ttfn
love berna

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

back to school...

well today is my 1st day bad. yea... had my 1st class and already have a test on monday. oh joy. it an intresting class. now got to wait till 1 for my next class. well nothing to exciting other than that.. untill next time.. later

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fat cat in a little pink shirt.

lol.. so i was at targot browzing through the 1$$ section and i saw this doggie shirt that says this pup's a little nutty. i lol and bought it. crossed out the pup's and put kitty's... for my monster cat ziggy... he's fat.the shirt sqeezes him just right not too snug and lose enough it dosen't cut off circluation. but cubbyness pokes out. isn't he just presiouse.lol

Monday, March 9, 2009

nothing but..

the weekend and friends to cheer me up.. my friend pie and two of his frinds from new york and a whole shloo(spelling is bad and i like making up words) of our friends when out on the town sat night. had tons of fun. we started out at this hamburger place called hamburger marys..really good and the funny part is its next to a drag queen place.. monkey queen by buddy look there the window of the door and it poped open and this very large drag lady snaped at here and slamed the door shut in her face.. wow. that was nice. but the weekend was fun friend, loling and studying. yes i said studying i had to do it in between our weekend of funness activtys. i did for any of you that don't belive me. i have witnesses.. speeking of i better get back to it.. FINALS week. i have two on thursday...micro(blha) and sterile tech. wish me luck and will bee writing soon. untill next time ... read ya(insted of see ya..lol)

Monday, March 2, 2009

had a bad day!!!think of the song as you read..lol

Have you ever just got frustrated with everything.. well i sure am. i have been taking some peoples gesters/saying/life personal and end up crying about them. i'm a ball of moodieness. its been a while since i've cryed about nothing. i know no one is personaly out to get me but i'm crying over split milk, is silly. I know theres a mixture of resions like this is my last full week of school till my break(finals next week and final practicals this week), i'm trying to weem off pepsi(haven't had one for 3 days there like quiting cigs for me), house(tv show) isn't playing tonight, i'm a drama queen and other silly things. I know that things could be way wrose but i just go to vent!!!
i'm angre as well. this gal at school is just a negative person.. nothing is every happy about her. she bitches about this teacher sucks and the school sucks, i got a 99% and i souldn't got the questions wronge on the test according to the books... ahhhhh.. i cant take all her negativtly. Sometime she just gets to me. i want to scream if you hate this school just FRECKN' leave.. unfortanly she is uber smart and is a good study buddy. sometimes she treats me like i'm stupid. ya i suck at gramer/spelling/other things but you don't have to point out how i'm going to struggle in this class or that. blha. i have a B advrage in a tuff school(and fast pace) and ya i don't get 100% on every test, don't mean i'm stupid. as a my favort teacher(one she hates) says your just tecncal smart.. speeking of the that teacher some student(most the book smart one..convently) are bitching about her and are trying to get her fired for some ways of teaching.. but it also the way others teach. she dose play favorts and gets snobby(thinks it a maturtly thing shes 28) sometimes but she a good teacher. okay yes i'm one of her fav. but its only because she also has learning disablitlys and understand my learning. the negative lady thinks i get specal treatment..no i don't grrr. okay i could go on and on about that stuff.

if frustrated with family and friend issues as well. it nothing big just my stupid cuz. i love my family and friends tons. i just fell we arn't as close as we use to be. there use to be a family even every weekend. plus everyone seems so far away even in there only 20 blocks away to miles and miles away. i'm paronode that they(mostly friend and family are mad at me when i know they are not) all around i'm just a moody student who is taking things way to personal. sorry for being a moop head just figard if i write some it down i can focus on my anatomy practial that is my 2nd time taking..

love ya and thanks

funny pic to light this blog
ps i'm not going to edit cuz i dont want to..lol

Friday, February 20, 2009


i'm showing my granny how to put a pic....

Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been tagged...so reand and now your it...

So my big cuz The Lonely Hearts Club Blog and aunt taged me in this blogging about things i love or love to hate ect.. You pick a # that mean something to you 100 or what ever and write things you love or hate or love and hate what ever and tag 3 more people.. or like my granny i'm going to do 2 list one hate and one love because 2 is a great number fore me but there are more than 2 things i love soooo i'll do 19 total because my b-day is 2.19.. here i go.

1-negative people that sucks the life out of you when they talk...
2-mircobiology test
3- doing a presentation in frount of a class
4-anything medical dealing with eyes..they are just creepy..chills
5-onions...expesoilly when you oder a burger and ask for them off and they still put them on your burger...blha
6-when my friends and family are hurt,sad or hurt by someone else..

7.the monkeytribe
9.monkeytribe trips(my hight school buddys and i take a trip every year this will be our9th anul. in may)
10. pictures and memories from good times...hinse why i always have a pic on my blogging
12. animals(going to be a vet tech so i sure hope i do)
13. food.. yumie-eating is good
14. dancing
15.hanging out with friends(sing sing is a asome bar/show to go to lots of fun check it out)
16. house and bone tv shows
17. birthdays(not just mine) and holidays
18. weddings
19 being me.. creative, loving, fun and friendly...

well i have to tag 3 other people and every one i know taged each other soo back at you... my friends on monkeytribeblog...my uncles. well good luck for you guys i don't know how to tag..lol