Monday, March 9, 2009

nothing but..

the weekend and friends to cheer me up.. my friend pie and two of his frinds from new york and a whole shloo(spelling is bad and i like making up words) of our friends when out on the town sat night. had tons of fun. we started out at this hamburger place called hamburger marys..really good and the funny part is its next to a drag queen place.. monkey queen by buddy look there the window of the door and it poped open and this very large drag lady snaped at here and slamed the door shut in her face.. wow. that was nice. but the weekend was fun friend, loling and studying. yes i said studying i had to do it in between our weekend of funness activtys. i did for any of you that don't belive me. i have witnesses.. speeking of i better get back to it.. FINALS week. i have two on thursday...micro(blha) and sterile tech. wish me luck and will bee writing soon. untill next time ... read ya(insted of see

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