Friday, January 23, 2009


well, hello

i'm berna...a silly, creative, fun,loveable gal who loves the company of friends and family. i thought i would creat my own blog(even though i already have a private blog.. with my best friends the monkeytribe) but did this blog so fam. can keep up with the crazyness life brings my way. I'm horrblie with spelling and grammer so have fun decoding my bloggings.
well i'm doing swell with school. test after another.. i Aced one this week.. oh ya backing up i'm currently going to Bel-Rea. a vet tech program in good old colorado...i love it.. anyone who loves animals and medical stuff. its tons of fun. i'm a 3rd Quorter student(like a sophmoreish). it been keeping me busy. currently i'm taking Microbiology, Steairl tech, and Anatomy lab. I love the teachers there. my micro teacher say micro is like tequila its easy at 1st them smacks you in the so true.
other then being busy with school i been hanging with my friends.. Some of them are getting married and some are close to graduating collage, putting in applications to grad school and many other life changing things.. Two weeks ago one of my close buddys(monkey doc by flamingo(sp)) got propsed long storie but its our 3rd round of close buddys getting married. it great.. the funny things is she caught the boque at our(monkey q's) other friends wedding(jan 4th 2009).. other than attending wedding we been enjoying life by going out to eat a texas roadhouse and seeing new flicks(bride wars).
lately i've been getting in to going to the gym with my ma. its fun. we got a personal trainer. okay she kicked our butts. we need to get in shape this is how bad.. it was only a 30min session and i was sore for 2 days..really. i'm 22 and at a heathly weight but some what lazy. so the gym will be a good thing to add in to my weekly sch.. well i think thats it for now.. laterz and until next time..TTFN..