Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been reand and now your it...

So my big cuz The Lonely Hearts Club Blog and aunt taged me in this blogging about things i love or love to hate ect.. You pick a # that mean something to you 100 or what ever and write things you love or hate or love and hate what ever and tag 3 more people.. or like my granny i'm going to do 2 list one hate and one love because 2 is a great number fore me but there are more than 2 things i love soooo i'll do 19 total because my b-day is 2.19.. here i go.

1-negative people that sucks the life out of you when they talk...
2-mircobiology test
3- doing a presentation in frount of a class
4-anything medical dealing with eyes..they are just creepy..chills
5-onions...expesoilly when you oder a burger and ask for them off and they still put them on your burger...blha
6-when my friends and family are hurt,sad or hurt by someone else..

7.the monkeytribe
9.monkeytribe trips(my hight school buddys and i take a trip every year this will be our9th anul. in may)
10. pictures and memories from good times...hinse why i always have a pic on my blogging
12. animals(going to be a vet tech so i sure hope i do)
13. food.. yumie-eating is good
14. dancing
15.hanging out with friends(sing sing is a asome bar/show to go to lots of fun check it out)
16. house and bone tv shows
17. birthdays(not just mine) and holidays
18. weddings
19 being me.. creative, loving, fun and friendly...

well i have to tag 3 other people and every one i know taged each other soo back at you... my friends on uncles. well good luck for you guys i don't know how to

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